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We flew from Guangzhou and Kunming last night and are now in our group, Heather and Melissa are back with us. Today (Thursday) is a day off for the group itself, so check our Facebook page for more information. So today is the first day of our first full day in China, after flying in and out of Guangdong, we are back in Heather & Melissa.

We performed some dance exercises on a basketball court set up outside on the Foshan court, we only had to do about half of the event, performed our pair exercises again and then took photos with the fans.

Since our next event started later in the evening, we decided to take a tour of the Central Temple of Foshan. After a walk through the grounds of our hotel we found a group of people who just happened to be celebrating their birthday. We rolled around for lunch and visited some authentic and posh Chinese restaurants. The restaurant we chose had a menu written only in Chinese, and only one server spoke very little English.

While the city dwellers use little Mandarin in their daily lives, Mandarin is still used in many places in Foshan, especially in restaurants.

Over the next few days, we and the other girls will keep you informed about the highlights of our trip to China. We are so excited to have the opportunity to experience China's rich history and culture first hand. Hopefully the attached photos will help you to experience and share your China moments and adventures, and if you forget, we will also include some photos.

This exhibition gives you the opportunity to find everything you need, and to learn and appreciate what you often find only in shops and houses. Book a cheap day trip from Guangzhou to Foshan and see the best of FOSHan to help you understand the places you are passing by and how they place you.

The office furniture fair is a good place for suppliers and manufacturers because they can communicate with each other and pay attention to developing trends. Not only do you find excellent ideas and solutions here, but you also have the opportunity to design your own furniture for the office, home, office or office space. Here you can participate in the development of new designs, new products and new technologies.

Frank Ma, Chairman of Synergy, said: "We are locating Ballard - a fuel cell module developed for Foshan Yunfu to meet the fast growing demand for fuel cell buses in the Greater Bay Area. Jiang Yong, CEO of Feichi, added: "Feichi is excited about the progress made in our fuel cells and buses. With all these efforts, the FOSHan Open is gaining more and more influence in the GreaterBay Area, said Zhang Zhiqiang, President and CEO of the Yangtze River Development Group.

This event is intended to promote and draw attention to various brands, which will certainly lead to the discovery of new business opportunities. Travelers who want to see more sights and enjoy more cultural and entertainment activities will feel comfortable visiting Foshan. Travelling families with children should definitely take the chance to see the circus performances and experience China's interest in circus performances. The Chinese culture and tradition, which includes a large number of historical sights, will certainly not disappoint travelers looking for an exciting and unforgettable route.

For several days, Luxe Home will be one of the leading trading and exchange platforms for the search for high-quality furniture and home accessories.

I think Heather and Melissa have already told you about this place where we went shopping yesterday, but we were only there for a few hours. We left six of us with at least three shopping bags on Beijing Road and we called it a day, even though it's an outside shopping centre where you can get the best deals.

Finally, we arrived in Guangzhou, China on October 5th and took a bus ride to our first stop here in Foshan. We enjoyed a nice dinner with an interpreter and tour guide named Tan and enjoyed some nice dinners with him.

Carder and I are coming back to the USA for the first time since we lived in Guangzhou for one and a half years during our first year in China. We had the privilege of dealing with the outbreak of the coronavirus which began there in the new year.

We were lucky enough to be one of six Laker girls selected to travel to China for two weeks to attend NBA events and performances. We had the opportunity to stand on the Moxing Summit and look around the whole city of Guangzhou.

This year we are focusing on e-tickets and e-promotions, and this year citizens can scan a Foshan Open QR code to gain access to exciting events in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangdong and other cities across China. Guests who book the tour also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs at each stop. It was an amazing experience to hike to the top of White Cloud Mountain, take a boat trip on the Great Wall of China, cruise the Pearl River and be part of a tour with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Lee Davis.

More About Foshan

More About Foshan