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So today is the first day of Foshan's first full week in China, and it's Heather and Melissa again! We flew in from Guangzhou and Kunming last night and performed some dance exercises on the basketball court at FOSHan Square. Today (Thursday) is a day off for the group itself, so watch the video below where we just behave ourselves! The group is now in its second week of training, having flown in last week and been flown out of Guangdong last month, but today we are back.

Lunch rolls around and we start in an authentic and stylish Chinese restaurant, but the restaurant we chose had behaved very badly, with only one server that spoke very little English and the menu written only in Chinese.

We enjoy a nice dinner with our interpreter and guide named Tan, and since our next event starts later in the evening, we decide to take a tour of the Central Temple of Foshan. When we arrive in Kunming, we are greeted by an NBA representative named Bamboo and a group of Laker Girls from the Los Angeles Lakers. American name bebe and told us they were lucky to be one of six selected Lakers girls who are traveling to China for two weeks to attend NBA events and performances.

Finally, we arrive in Guangzhou, China on October 5th and take a bus ride to our first stop here in Foshan. Guiao and his crew land and immediately order a film session and training to give the Gilas the opportunity to explore the surroundings. We have the opportunity to stand on the Moxing Peak and overlook the entire city of Guangdong, but we are only there for a few hours. The six of us leave Beijing Road with at least three shopping bags and drive back to the hotel for the night.

A city tour, a hike to the top of White Cloud Mountain and a ride on the Pearl River are all amazing experiences.

I will also be able to enjoy and participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the second largest city in China. After my time as an outdoc in 2020, I will focus on US-China relations and the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Although this is a perfectly feasible way to be more competitive, many SMEs need a local presence in Vietnam, either by realising the value of the chain provided by the higher management of their chain or by the ability to continue to serve their global customers who are additionally entering the Vietnamese market. Vietnam has consistently attracted a lot of viable investors, businesses, and manufacturers, with Taobao speaking English, helping to increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese companies abroad. In China, many small domestic suppliers cannot trade in international currencies due to the lack of access to foreign currencies and high import costs. By sourcing through a FICE structure, the number of local suppliers will increase, allowing companies to buy from a wider range of suppliers, not only in China but also in other countries.

As such, this model can be more tax efficient than a RO and is a good intermediate solution for companies that are not yet able to address the long-term costs of foreign direct investment (FICE) in Vietnam. Many conventional patrons in China tend to lean toward a representational structure driven solely by the need to provide their business with registered capital.

I think Heather and Melissa have already told you about the places we went shopping yesterday, but for the next few days we and the other girls will keep you informed about the highlights of our trip to China. If you forget, we will also include photos, and hopefully this will help you to share and share your China moments and adventures with us. We called it "Beijing Road," a shopping street where you can get a bargain.

Foshan has its greatest geographical advantage: it is connected to the center and west of the PRD by the Dongping Bridge, the northeast side of which is the Dongping Bridge. The West Side lot has become part of a real estate development jointly developed by China Merchants Real Estate and Wheelock. It is the second largest city in Guangdong and the third largest from west to west in China, after GuangDong.

The total investment in the project is 939 million yuan, and the main facilities are the stadium, swimming pools and jumping halls. The venue includes a football pitch, swimming pool and jump hall, as well as a gym. Originally it was the football training ground next to the stadiums, which has now been converted into a golf course.

The hall was loaned by Guangzhou Evergrande and the team itself, with a total investment of 939 million yuan from the government of Guangdong Province.

More About Foshan

More About Foshan